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Weird Geometries at Amorous Dunder Mifflin May 17, 2008

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In the recent hour long 4th season finale of The Office, the workplace romances were raging out of control. With the writers having to pack many developments into a shortened season, the episode was replete with much merriment, mayhem, and a parking lot carnival in honor of Toby’s last day. Jim (pictured above) saw the occasion as an opportunity to pop the question to Pam, but our collective jaws dropped as the blunderous Andy stole Jim’s thunder, jumping up on the band riser, grabbing the microphone, and proposing to his ice-queen girlfriend Angela, who conceded with a reluctant “ok”. Stunned at the horror of this development, we gasped as Jim-n-Pam’s perfect moment was ruined, and a seeming death blow was simultaneously dealt to the Dwight-Angela Romantic Axis (hereafter known as “Dwangela”). In the final moment of the show, however, Phyllis discovered that Dwangela still burns bright when she entered the office after hours and found the conservative couple acting in a very non-conservative manner.

After the last minute derailment of Jim-n-Pam’s story book engagement, their future together remains uncertain. Pam commented (to the omnipresent mockumentary camera) that she had anticipated Jim’s proposal and was disappointed when he didn’t deliver the goods. During this episode, she also showed affection for Toby (she said he was cute), and it was revealed that she will be leaving for 3 months to attend art school in New York. These things taken together would seem to indicate that there is turmoil in store for our self-satisfied love birds next season. Personally I find this possibility disappointing, but I guess we should be grateful to the producers for allowing J&P to have one season of happiness together. That’s probably all we can expect in the world of television, where long and happy relationships are as hard to find as tasteful humor on My Name is Earl.

Jim, Pam, and Toby aren’t the only Office characters aggressively pursuing the ill-advised practice of romance in the workplace. As of now there are four love triangles between current or former Dunder Mifflin employees, most of them based at the Scranton branch:

1. Jim, Pam, and Toby (or “Jamoby”)

2. Dwight, Angela, and Andy (“Dwangelandy”)

3. Micheal, Jan, and Holly (“Mijolly”)

4. Kelly, Ryan, and Darryl (the currently dormant “Rykeldar”)

I’m not going to speculate on the masonic significance of the four triangles, and whether they for-tell the coming of the apocalypse, and so forth. I will only conclude by saying that I hope, for our sakes, that the season 4 finale of The Office was not a realistic portrayal of life in the American workplace.

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1. outstayNo Gravatar - May 27, 2008

outstay says : I absolutely agree with this !

2. vulnerablyNo Gravatar - May 28, 2008

vulnerably says : I absolutely agree with this !

3. muteheadNo Gravatar - July 18, 2008

I have to say I liked Toby’s infatuation with Pam…at first. It was like Creed’s but not creepy. Then towards the end, he got a little creepy. If he hadn’t buggered off to Costa Rica, I’m sure he would’ve ended up stalking her.
In other unasked-for-opinions, I hope they tone down the number of romances. Yes, they happen in offices, but not to everyone.

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