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Return of The Rocking Dudes

September 2009

On Friday night we had a big surprise. The Rocking Dudes took a break from their organic farming to do a blues jam marathon for the entire evening. Then, someone noticed that vocalist Frankie Rossi, formerly of the Mississippi Delta Mud Flats Band, happened to be in the audience. Since the Rocking Dudes have never had a singer, they welcomed him to moonlight with them for the evening. Frankie has a pretty nice voice, but the Rocking Dudes weren't too familiar with the tunes he was asking them to do, so it turned into more of a rehearsal and practice than a concert while Frankie showed them the chord changes to several of the songs he can sing. Unfortunately, Frankie had to leave town the next day, so the Rocking Dudes still don't have a singer.

In other news, I recently found out that Beatrice McIntyre, who plays the country fiddle, married a Japanese businessman some months ago and moved to Tokyo, where she is now actually earning a very good living with her act. That explains why we haven't seen her at Uncle Steve's for some time. She plays at a businessman's club dressed in a spandex thong, fishnet bra, and oversized cowboy hat while she dances and plays fiddle before Japanese businessmen eating sushi in the darkness in front of her. If you friend Beatrice on Facebook you can see this video on her Profile page. However, I don't recommend that you watch it. It's kind of disturbing, actually. And of course you shouldn't friend Beatrice just so that you can see that video. That would be lame, but several of you will probably do it anyway. You know who you are.

We now have a new bartender, Norm Fabian! Well, that's less work for me as stage manager, since I used to tend the bar and manage the stage. Norm's a cappella Lebanese lounge act is still an ongoing concern, but alas a less frequent one, owing to his new duties at Uncle Steve's. When things are slow, however, he will sometimes stand before the limelight for just a couple of minutes. There's nothing in the world that's more mellow and moving than his Arabic version of Frank Sinatra's "I Did It My Way." Also, Norm is hard at work on renewing our liquor license. If anybody knows how to handle bureaucracy, Norm is the man.

- Jacob Silverman

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