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Vegging Out
April 2010 by Somebody

You may have noticed that the site has settled down a bit since our initial burst of activity early in the year. This is because I've been taking a break from my web design and writing duties to pursue other things like washing dishes, vegging out, and dealing with my OCD. A newly discovered hobby of mine is making music videos for my favorite songs using mostly pictures found on the internet. I will eventually have links on the site for them (although they may have to be taken back down because of copyright issues). I'm also trying to become more proficient with the graphics and web programs. Meanwhile, my partner in crime, Somebody Else, seems to have gone into exile for awhile. I'm sure he will eventually return and bring with him a tsunami of insightful editorials. In the coming months I will be adding links for our TV Crawlspace blog, as well as new features in the Music Desk section.

The first thing I have learned about having a do-it-yourself website is that it's easy to get burned out. My creativity seems to come in a wave of enthusiasm once every few months or so, which is then followed by a bout of self-doubt and wanting to quit. The most important part of the creative process, it seems, is having the courage not to destroy what you have created when those critical voices start clamoring in your brain. For years I was a serial creation destroyer, not believing in myself, and in the process I threw away artwork, old journals full of writing, even a box full of tapes of songs that I wrote. I came to realize that those things I threw away were the things that gave my life meaning. Do yourself a favor: don't throw away what you love because you're afraid of criticism.

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