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Jazz Unlimited Home Page

Official Website of the United States

Allison Mack's Website

How to Build a Computer

Information Overload

Digital Librarian

World's Worst 100 Websites

Somebody's Favorite Lyrics Site

Internet Railroad

The Steely Dan Dictionary

All Music

Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Bad Art

Classical Music Navigator

Music - What Happened?

Crooks and Liars

Longest Running TV Shows

Real Ultimate Power

Old Missile Bases for Sale

Ellen the Attendance Monitor

End Daylight Savings Time

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Doing His Own Thing

Chloe the Yorkie's Website

The Watcher

National Security Agency

House of Representatives

U.S. Senate


Pravda (Russian Newspaper)

Media Matters

The Guardian

Thought Crime News

Op Ed News

Conspiracy Planet

Paranormal News

Forever Forgiven

Info Please

Google Earth

The Yes Museum

Somebody's Webhost

Lottery Winner Stories

The Onion

The Mousepad

The Secret Society of Happy People

Online Shopping Mall

Yahoo Answers

Mizz Pheonix

Slimey Dave

Ask the 8 Ball

Things to Do at The Mall

Party Tent City

Lists of Bests

The Brick Testament

The Sign Page

Unnecessary Quotation Marks

Taxi Poll

Create Your Own Online Radio Station

BBC's 100 Most Popular Books

Harlan Ellison's Abandoned Website

Mi Vida Azar

100 Greatest Books

Funny Blog from Kenya

The Quote Blog

W3 Schools Web Tutorials

MS-DOS Fan Site

Food Timeline

Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven

Maitreya the World Teacher

Bicycling Cowboy Blog

The HTML Hell Page

HTML Goodies

Wambooli Computer Blog

Old Comic Book Covers

Somebody's Favorite Restaurant

Welcome to the Dark Side

The Project at Earth

Bum Wine

EVPs (Spooky Ghost Recordings)

100 Most Common U.S. Surnames