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Somebody's Webpage was started as a Geocities page back around 2003. It was Somebody's attempt to get creative, learn web design, self-promote, fight off a looming mid-life crisis, and somehow justify his forty-something years of existence. After lying dormant for a couple of years, the site came back to life on its own domain in 2008, upon which you currently gaze. Moving the site proved to be a good decision because Yahoo! eventually discontinued its Geocities service and made millions of old personal webpages disappear with the push of a delete key. Those pages didn't die in vain, however, because we like to think the spirit of Web 1.0 lives on here at Somebody's Webpage. Here you can find various types of amusements, including commentary, humor, art, music, web links, videos, and anything else we can fit here. (Web space is cheap!) We hope to add more features and make the site more functional as Somebody gets his act together and figures out what he's doing.

DISCLAIMER: Consult your doctor before viewing this website. Side effects may include dizziness, nausea, fatigue, seizures, giggling fits, nosebleeds, uncontrollable dancing, and in some rare cases, accidental self-teleportation to the planet Venus.

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Editor in Chief and Developer - Somebody

Executive Editor - Somebody Else

Furniture Builder and Old Radio Podcast Producer: Grandpa

Contributing Writers - Somebody, Somebody Else, Izzy Moskovitz, Aaron Shore, Ted Crawford, General Strangeness, Murky Waters, Bro Roman, Jake Silverman, Thurston Thornton, Pierre Gateau, Mike Czech, Cassie Behle, Herschel Macintosh, Xavier O'Brien, Jorge Majfud, Kurt Larson, Winston Lee, and Old Guy

Somebody needs help!

Somebody's Webpage is looking for contributors of original writing (not previously published), including editorials, humorous essays, satire, music reviews and short fiction. We're hoping that as the site becomes more established our ad revenue will increase, which will allow us to pay contributors for their work. Until that time we are offering a complimentary restaurant gift card to all first-time contributors whose writing is selected for publication on our site.

Send your writing submissions or questions to: and include the words "writing submission" in the subject line.

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"Won't you tell me where my country lies?" said the unifaun to his true love's eyes...