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Trump is Screwed and Biden Sucks

July 29, 2023 by Bro Roman

Hey guys, it's me, Bro. If you don't particularly care for fancy writing, you've come to the right place. I don't try to show you how clever I am so that you'll believe what I say. I just tell you how it is, and then you can decide whether or not you can accept it. And whether or not you can, that is none of my business. Anyway, today's topic is Trump and his followers. Corporate media would have you believe they are all out of their minds. But that's just what corporate media tells you so that you'll conform to their international war criminal agenda. Don't be fooled.

Look, I'll admit that I'm not into the tiki torch dudes and busting into the Capitol building. Telling Jews they won't replace me and breaking windows are just not my thing. And yeah, if you break the law when you protest against the government by trespassing and attacking cops, sure, the law should be applied like it usually is. But representing all of that as if that's what Trump and all his people are all about, that's totally misleading in my view. Trump never said, go down there and overrun the Capitol, by the way. And hey, how do we know the election wasn't actually rigged? The truth is, we don't. It's still an open question.

So, they throw the f-bomb at Trump, and I mean the word fascist. Well, well, how convenient. You don't like someone, they don't adequately serve your war industry interests, you label them as fascists. It's supposed to be a free country where you shouldn't be forced to vaccinate or have nonbinary pronouns shoved down your throat. Does speaking out against government overreach make you fascist now? What has happened to this country?

What is this thing with comparing Trump and his voters to Nazis? That's just crap. Maybe there are a few Nazi types out there who like Trump. Well, maybe there are a few hardcore communists out there who like Biden. That proves nothing. Some really serious Christians like Trump but some like Biden also. So what's the deal with saying that Trump is all about forcing everyone to be Christian? He never said that. That's just pure baloney.

Quite honestly, I think some people out there have been so brainwashed by corporate media they think that Trump voters are all bad people. That's really a kind of prejudice if you think about it. Maybe some people don't want to get on board with the corporate Democrat agenda of endless wars, limitless military spending, and unrestricted government surveillance of everyone's personal business. Maybe they want to be left alone in their cabin in the woods and live off the grid and be as religious as they want and shoot dinner with their hunting rifles. If they're not bothering anyone out there, why does our government send out a squad of armed federal goons to turn them into martyrs for the cause of individual freedom? Because we live under a government that won't let us be. Trump tried to push the needle a little in the freedom direction. That's partly why the elites are determined to nail him to the wall right now.

You know, it's pretty pretentious to talk about what Trump and his voters believe. As if they're like the Borg on Star Trek with the hive mind or something. But one thing I think most Trump voters have in common is they want to be left alone to live their lives as they please. That's the biggest factor in my view for why Trump got elected in 2016. Plus a lot of people had gotten sick of Bush's and Obama's never-ending wars and America's failed role as international policeman, which was just a ruse for economic imperialism, blood for oil and such. Trump talked seriously about reframing all of that and majorly ticked off a bunch of warmongering elites. They kind of hamstrung him, so they limited what he could do to rein in our overextended military. And to be fair, because I'm not a Trump supporter per se, he still could have done a lot more than he did to address those problems. But once more to be fair, he was a hell of a lot better internationally than someone like Hillary Clinton who as Obama's right-hand lady basically murdered Qaddafi and committed war crimes against the Libyan people. So, that's mostly what all Trump supporters want, an end to international imperialism.

Another common criticism of Trump and his voters is that they are supposed to be anti-intellectual. One more time, they're painting with too broad a brush. You have intellectuals for Trump just like you have them for Biden. And let's be honest, some intellectuals are the stupidest people you'll ever meet in your life. People who can cite all these damned sources and tell you how they know this, that, and the other, and in the end, they're just perpetuating the same old Big Brother mind control crap that forces you to lick the boot of corporate power. What decides what is intellectual and what isn't? Being a Harvard professor? That doesn't prove anything. Look at Maryanne Williamson. She doesn't have a university degree and she's probably the smartest person in politics today, and one of the few who really saw through the whole compulsory vaccine scam and how it's been just a big cash grab for the pharmaceutical companies who don't give a rat's ass about the guinea pig population they've been injecting.

But anyhow, so many standard leftists are totally hung up on this false idea that Trump voters want freedom just for themselves and don't want it for people who don't agree with them. There's no evidence for that, sorry. Freedom is freedom. I have never heard a Trump voter say for example that people shouldn't be allowed to be gay or be nonbinary or read whatever book they like or be atheist or belong to another religion that's not Christian or even be a Muslim. And Trump himself never said any of that either. Like I said, Trump voters just don't want corporatist views shoved down their throats by a federal government that gets too much into their personal business. And let's make something else perfectly clear. When Trump and his supporters say go back to your country or America love it or leave it, they mean you should show some gratitude about the freedoms that ought to come with living here. They're not saying you ought to be forcibly deported. Of course, if you're here illegally, that's a different matter, but let's be honest, we have immigration law. Are we going to enforce it? I'm just saying.

Let's also be bluntly honest about what it means to be white and Christian. I myself am white but I am not really Christian, since organized religion is not for me. Most people in the USA are white and Christian. What's wrong with white and Christian people wanting their own political representation? When minority ethnic groups talk about wanting their own political representation, nobody bats an eye. Seriously, should white Christians be cast out politically because they are the majority? I thought we believed in political freedom in the USA.

So, enough about the whole Trump religious cult mess because it doesn't exist as a mass movement. Trump is just a politician and his voters know he is just a politician by and large. Sure, there are a few here and there that have gone overboard and they burn candles to the guy and think he's a messiah or whatever, and of course corporate media goes after those people and says, hey, you see, all of Trump's zombie followers are like this. It's just a stereotype and caricature, though. There is no typical Trump voter. There are just citizens of this country and some of them prefer Trump. Everyone deserves respect no matter who they vote for.

Trump and Biden

Now I need to get the subject of Joe Biden. Let me start off by saying that Joe Biden sucks. Look what he did to Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary when Obama swooped in and got all the corporate Democrats to line up behind him. The whole thing still sickens me every time I think about it. Jim Clyburn coming in and telling all his South Carolina constituents to fall in line for Biden. What a rotten day in USA history that was. It set the tone for Biden going forward. Dedicated service to corporate power and its interests over everything else.

I'm going to go ahead and take on the big question about the 2020 election. It's not really such a stretch to believe that it was stolen from Trump. Take a look at who Biden associates himself with. He is basically a servant boy for international war financing. With all that money tied up in his candidacy, imagine the lengths that the corporate elite were willing to go to so that their boy won. I'm not going to say a word about the companies who managed the voting process because we can all see what happens to people who dare to speak out against them. The whole legal system is weaponized against anyone who tries to think for themselves. Look at Julian Assange who exposed all the nasty stuff we did internationally and see how our government is trying to lock him up and throw away the key. Biden is the real dictator and autocrat here, not Trump, in my humble opinion.

Biden kind of tries to present himself as a friend of the working man but this is just a smokescreen. Anyone with half a brain can see that he's just in it for his corporate cronies. Biden wants you to think he has this wonderful base of support from average Joes who just want the best for middle class America. But we should all know that Biden's power center is his Rolodex of corporate clients that he hits up for more campaign cash every chance he gets. And every time he promises more of the taxpayer funded goodies his lobbyists want.

Also, Biden spouts all this garbage about the soul of the nation and the preservation of democracy. Here's the thing. Trump and his allies made a decent case that the election was stolen from him. As I've already explained, there was plenty of motive for this. Trump refused to play the traditional gentleman's role of accepting the results even though we know for sure that this kind of election theft stuff has been going on all through American history. Fraud and deception have been a part of this country since its start. Good for Trump for refusing to take it sitting down. Biden has it all backwards. Trump has been arguing for the preservation of democracy and the protection of religious freedom. But Biden and his propaganda people want you to think Trump is attacking democracy and is trying to force religion down everyone's throat. Because he dared to stand up for himself, Trump is being attacked on every side by judges who are in Biden's pocket. Biden and other politicians like him, such as Hilary Clinton and her thousands of deleted government emails, have committed crimes a thousand times worse than Trump but nobody is indicting them. You're as likely to get official recognition of this election conspiracy as you are of the Kennedy assassination conspiracy.

As an aside to this discussion, let's take a look at what just happened to Tucker Carlson. Let me start off here by saying that I am not a devotee of Tucker Carlson. I've listened to his presentations just like I've listened to Joe Rogan and Jimmy Dore and anyone else out there with a platform for sharing their views. I can see that Tucker has a bias towards Trump even though he doesn't care for him personally if you believe the leaks on what he's said privately. So what, pretty much every talk show host has a political bias. Anyway, what has interested me about Tucker has been his willingness to say things that aren't considered politically correct or woke. I personally find that appealing because I'm a believer in standing up for the unvarnished truth even if it makes some people uncomfortable. And for that they fired him and forced Fox to pay out almost $800 million just for considering the possibility that something funny had happened with the 2020 election. So much for the land of the free.

Let me get back to the legal mess Trump finds himself in. And for that matter the shower of indictments that should be coming soon from the Georgia voting case, which will involve Trump and a large number of his allies in Congress. And also the Jack Smith investigations in Washington that may end up indicting Trump and several members of his former cabinet. Whether you agree with them or not, all of these people had a constitutional right to protest against and inquire about the results of the 2020 election. And for that they're going to be put on trial. Seems like a double standard to me when Biden and his party-animal son and his crooked buddies get away with whatever they want. Biden practically raped a woman in the 90s and he took home a bunch of classified documents also and nothing is ever going to happen to him. Looks like there's a different set of rules for Trump because he's lost the favor of the powers that be.

Quite frankly, I can understand the whole Dark Brandon thing because Biden really is coming across these days as a kind of evil overlord. He has never really done anything for working Americans and has sent zillions of dollars' worth of military support to Ukraine for a war that's really none of our damned business while our standard of living continues in freefall. Inflation is out of control and Biden just nods his sleepy head while the Fed jacks up interest rates and turns the screws to the rest of us.

You know, you can be skeptical about the results of the 2020 election for any number of reasons. There was plenty of sketchy stuff going on with the early voting. Take the drop boxes, for instance. It doesn't take a genius to understand that there are plenty of ways that whole setup could be abused. And the mysterious massive deposits of votes in the wee hours of the morning. Who knows what can happen to big piles of votes as they move from one place to another in a truck. We have confirmed cases of dead people voting. There are county officials who have said that the electronic results just suddenly and without explanation went heavy from Trump to Biden. Just because some people think Trump has God on his side doesn't mean that they've thrown their good sense out the window and are making up accusations out of thin air. I don't know what it is about corporate media trying to paint religious Trump backers as hypnotized robots who can't think for themselves. There are plenty of atheists too I'm sure who think that the 2020 election was fraudulent.

I'm going to end this piece by saying that I think Trump is going up against Biden in the 2024 election and that there's a good chance that Biden will seem to win it again while Trump will once again cry foul and have good reason to protest. How that would turn out I have no idea, but I'm guessing that Trump will be dealt with just like he's being dealt with now, with the heavy hand of a legal system in the pocket of entrenched elites. So, looks like Biden will get a second term and Trump will go back to Mar-a-Lago probably under house arrest after his numerous convictions. I won't care all that much because I'll vote for Maryanne Williamson and she doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell. So everyone just calm down and relax because there won't be any civil war. But there will be continued corporate dominance and war crimes that enrich the military industrial complex and lots of intrusive government surveillance of everything you do. Some things never change.


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